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Pet guide - by VisWiz
Welcome to your pet upgrade guide. If you don't know what has changed and are unsure what to do next, this is the right place to start.
What happened?
- The PP shop was replaced by a pet upgrade map.
- The arena was extended beyond level 30.
- Pet damage is now mainly based on your auto damage.
- All pet upgrades were reduced to conform with this new damage calculation
Pet upgrade map
The pet upgrade map is a big kind of star chart which replaces the PP shop. But don't worry, all your previously spent PP have been refunded. The map features:
- 164 nodes which can be unlocked (one after the other)
- 14 different types of nodes (8 non-arena and 6 arena, see below); you see the type by hovering over it
- 8 nodecenters (the green circles) featuring a different type of non-arena node on its diagonal lines
The map can be zoomed in and out using the +/- buttons and panned by clicking and dragging the starry background.
Unlocking nodes
Nodes have to be unlocked before you can use (upgrade) them.
- The number of possible node unlocks is 3 * pettier for each of your pets. Your remaining unlocks are shown at the bottom left.
- Up to 5 extra unlocks can be bought for increasing diamond costs (500, 1000, 2500, ?, ?) using the +1 button at the top left.
- You unlock a node by clicking on it. You can unlock a node only if you have previously unlocked an adjacent node. The only exceptions are the 4 nodes in the center of the map which can be unlocked right away. When you reach a nodecenter, you can unlock all nodes adjacent to it.
- Nodes which can be unlocked next are shown in grey, already unlocked nodes in bright color and currently not unlockable nodes in dark color.
- You can reset all your node unlocks (and get a full refund for all PP spent on them) by clicking the reset button on the bottom. Resetting costs a fixed 400 diamond fee. Free resets may provided by the game developers from time to time.
Upgrading nodes
When you select a node you have unlocked, you are taken to the upgrade screen for that node.
- Nodes can be upgraded for PP by clicking the child nodes (clockwise starting with the top left child node). Upgrades continually get more expensive.
- Each upgrade gives a fixed bonus equal to the bonus of the first upgrade. The current and next bonuses are displayed in the bottom right.
- Each node also has a level which is displayed in the center (starting at 1). When a node has been upgraded 8 times, it levels up giving a large additional bonus.
- You can directly upgrade a node to the next level using the quick-tier buy by clicking the center of the node.
- Upgrade costs increase substantially for higher level nodes with the jump from level 1 to level 2 being particularly large.
Non-arena nodes (hunting and challenges only)
17-21 occurrences each:
- Auto Damage: Increases damage on pets gained from your auto damage
- Critical Chance: Increases your chance to critical with your pets
- Critical Damage: Increases the damage dealt by critical attacks
- Multi-Strike: Increases chance to strike again for a fraction of the damage (stacks)
- Attack Speed: Increases the speed in which your pets attack
- Strengthening: Increases damage dealt, decreases attack speed
- Swiftness: Increases attack speed, decreases damage dealt
- Final Blow: Increases damage dealt on enemies with lower HP
Arena nodes (arena only)
Unique nodes, located on the borders of the map (see image below):
- Convergence: Increases chance for a pet to cause the other pet to attack in unity
- Regeneration: Increases health regenerated after each attack against your pet
- Reflection: Increases % damage reflected at arena enemies.
- Armor: Increases damage reduction against your pets
- Max Health Increase: Increases your pets max health in the arena
- Arena Damage: Increases your damage dealt in the arena
To unlock all arena nodes, 46 node unlocks are needed (double clockworks give 48).
You will need two builds: an arena build and an idle build.
For the arena build, try to reach as many of the arena nodes as possible. Currently, the best strategy is to mainly focus on defensive nodes:
 Regeneration, Max Health, Arena Damage and Armor
For the idle build try to locate the nodecenters corresponding to the type of node you want to go for. Currently, the best strategy is to mainly focus on damage nodes:
 Strengthening, Auto Damage and Final Blow
Start like that:
1. Make your arena build first to get as far as possible in the arena.
2. Spend 400 diamonds to reset the pet map or wait for a free reset.
3. Make your idle build.
Keep the idle build until you want to push arena again (such as when your pets tierup).

Arena Node Locations

[Image: fb63c72e3b4c48f3860ac3da616b3228.png]

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