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Pet Upgrade Reset Cost
We should consider ourselves lucky that Ray is very nice and generous, he could've made something like ascension respecs actually cost instead of just simply being free. I honestly feel like having this cost diamonds, even though I know myself that 400 is quite a bit, is still, for the most part pretty fair considering shouldn't have to do it that often.

Most MMOs will actually have transaction purchases where the only way to reset or fix something is to buy it with real money, compare that to what IOU doing here with the pets, it not that expensive at all. It honestly not a real surprise to see this come up now and then, if you don't like it, nothing says to buy it, but simply be careful with your choices. If someone really not sure what they doing, they usually will look up a guide to play it more safe.

Gold reset in my mind is always a bad idea as it might as well be a free reset after a certain point if the cost it really low. As for the free reset a week, if it just one time and don't stack with another free reset in later weeks, ppl will still just complain cause most will just use it to get a arena build then another reset to change back to idle.
My two cents...

Make it stackable like dynamite. 
Cost 25 to 50 diamonds per use.
To curtail abuse - upon activation, initiate a timer that prohibits use of another reset for a significant interval (such as a week or fortnight).
(06-24-2016, 02:57 PM)DorutheDrago Wrote: Most MMOs will actually have transaction purchases where the only way to reset or fix something is to buy it with real money, compare that to what IOU doing [...]

And this is where Ray and his staff shine.  If he takes it slow and provides many ways for players to spend a little money in many places, he stands a greater chance of the game lasting a long time, retaining its user base and remain profitable for years many to come.
How about making a "reset" an obtainable item, maybe an 8h expedition reward or something?
(06-24-2016, 12:20 PM)Segan Wrote: I really don't see resets being abusable.

Compared to say Trophy or Ascension point upgrades, where switching them around is very easy (and therefore worth doing if you want to min-max certain activities), the pet map is complicated and confusing. Unlocking is not an easy task. Upgrading individual orbs is not an easy task. It would probably take a few minutes per reset (for any player with a decent amount of unlocks and PP) to min-max for Arena and/or farming.

It's very unlikely that most/many people will bother to reset it regularly. The most likely reason anyone would reset it is if they messed up. And I strongly disagree with forcing people to pay real money in order to correct a mistake. Real money purchases should be used for fun, cosmetic, upgrade or QoL things. It should only be used to discourage something if there's legitimate reason to want to discourage that thing (like name changes -- there's really no reason to need to do that regularly).

With a system as complicated as the pet map is, resets are going to be almost a necessity for a lot of players. Not letting them do so freely is unreasonable in my opinion.

Big +1 from me. The pet upgrade system Ray came up with is lovely and should be treated as such: Allow the players to get in there and tinker to their hearts desire. Especially initially, and no Im not talking about a couple free resets for the first week.

(06-25-2016, 01:01 PM)Listat Wrote: How about making a "reset" an obtainable item, maybe an 8h expedition reward or something?

I do like the idea of having them as a stackable and in-game obtainable item.

My first impression of using the new pet map was simply confusion. Unfortunately I realized I messed up really quickly and forked over 400 Diamonds having not known that codes were out for free resets. Bit of an annoyance. Price looked and felt ridiculously absurd, but I digress. I then continued to tinker around but again I realized that perhaps there could have been better ways to go about things. At this point, I began realizing that I should actually make an pet arena specific build to begin with. Sigh.

In my opinion...
Seeing the two distinctly different use cases for pet builds (arena vs idle), I honestly don't understand why they aren't properly broken up as such. This would improve QoL several fold, make the experience much nicer and smoother overall. Systems should not be made more complicated (or simply worse) in order to implement a Diamond net.
The new system gives you the opportunity to affact both, the Arena and the Idle game.
It may seem confusing and complicated to reset and to upgrade for now, but later on you get more used to it.
It may still take way longer to reset and re-upgrade than trophy or ascension upgrades but you need to to it just once every day and that is when it gets abuseable.

The only possibility to prevent constant abuse (except there is no reset option given) is to set a fee for the rest.
I dont think it is implemented as a diamond net, there for the fee should be lower to work more efficient.
i think it should be even higher to prevent any abuse or just like Listat suggested: Installing a in-game opportunity to recieve resets.
8h - expeditions would be to easy in my opinion, it would give you right what shouldn't be there, daily resets.
But it could be combined with a cooldown timer set on one week. After stacking them up you can go for the big Arena tour every two weeks, i think it would be fair enough for every one.
Hmmm...I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately. There's a lot of stuff I just want to test with the new map. I know I can spreadsheet it (and I have to a certain extent), but sometimes I just want to tinker and play with stuff in the game. The way things are now, that's not possible. And even though there are reset codes, they're just temporary. In a month or two I'm going to have a whole new set of things I want to/am able to test because of unlocks and a larger PP pool.

I understand that we don't want another ascension upgrades scenario, but there has to be a better way to do things. I think Listat's suggestion of an obtainable item (consumable I assume) that can be used is a good one. I don't think 8h is really enough time, considering you'd be making ~4 diamonds in that time. But maybe forcing someone to lock down one expedition ship for *1 week* wouldn't be a bad idea. That way people can get a reset per week at the expense of a ship that could be gathering AP or diamonds. It also opens things up down the road for new players, or players who don't have enough unlocks to test out the various arena upgrades. I mean, how are they going to play with this stuff at all when the codes expire?
i also think 8h is too little, pushing via this method should be possible once per week at most in my opinon
as for ascension resetting being free, as most people would be aware that system needs a rework due to people having brought everything on it now? i may be slightly off. my guess would be ray is going to push an upgrade map system onto this and several other systems but who knows, variety can be nice for ways to upgrade, as hard as it is we just need paitence .-.
(06-25-2016, 01:01 PM)Listat Wrote: How about making a "reset" an obtainable item, maybe an 8h expedition reward or something?

Sounds like a good idea to me.
or make it a 24h expedition to prevent daily resets
MorDoKuli member
(07-17-2016, 12:16 AM)TheIncredible Wrote: or make it a 24h expedition to prevent daily resets

The point is, to allow two resets per day if you're adamant about it. This way you can switch to arena build and back again. Given an 8hr timer you can basically choose to reset your map every day, OR gain gold, AP, diamonds. Maybe put a cap on it, like the old events had. (you can only do this expedition x more times today).
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