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Remove all but final boss of challenges
So since the change, you no longer get a reward in a challenge unless you 100% complete the challenge, so why not get rid of all of the fights leading up to the final boss and just have the players take on the final boss right out of the gate.  This would save so much time and also resolve an issue where people leave the challenge just because boss #4 of 5 or #10 or 13 didn't die instantly even though the party can do the whole challenge.
Well, I disagree.
(06-17-2016, 02:21 AM)Antonio Wrote: Well, I disagree.

Such an intriguing argument there, hope you didn't hurt yourself... So tell me, what benefit does fights 1-4 of Rats offer?
well, if you do all challenges solo, then there is no difference.
Maybe not that a big deal for duo's. But then  here's a group.
And you might have one or two people away for a while, and those first few mobs, might be good enough time for them to come back Smile

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