Poll: Would you like to have another pet skin on current pet ?
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Pet skin change
Big Grin 
I want to run with bad wabbit skin instead so rexosaur i am sure there is many of you who dont like your current pet look so lets show ray how many supports this idea and maybe he will think about it.

My idea is that if someone unlock new pet to be able to save stats of new pet with look of lower tier
The problem is that the skins show the tier of the pet. I find it simpler than having to add a second stage to understanding/knowing what one's pet tiers are.

When someone describes someone's pets, they can simply say "2 rexes", which is more what I was going for.

I understand the skin preference, but I just don't see it being clean and simple.
What about color of pets will count as tier ? example t8 pet red so red wabbit ?
And then people would complain about the colors. This is sort of trivial in my opinion, what possible use would you have for changing pet sprites? I'd be on board with accessories like stupid hats, a mustache, monocle, etc.
If you aren't going to let pet have different skins, at least reorder the tiers, wyrm should definitely be t15 over roc.
its better to have colored pet than some shity t13 bacteria or t15 bird not to mention t14 ice pig no idea who thought about it but wyrm is way better than all this new pets
Would love for there to be a way to actually just straight up change to a actual pet skin we like, i was greatly annoyed of having to look at two robobees for a long time cause I generally don't like insect things.

I know it seems inconvenient to no longer just say pet tier wise "I have 2 rexes" but honestly just don't like certain skins that on there, besides isn't the point of pets is having one you like? Besides just simply damage of course at the moment. I was tempted to not upgrade into the bee (in a attempt to straight skip it) for a long time but just went with it anyways cause it hurts arena progress.
One solution to show pet tier is to use symbols -- similar to how orb levels are shown.

tier 1 = 1 dot
tier 2 = 2 dots
tier 3 = 3 dots
tier 4 = 1 diamond
tier 7 = 1 four-point star
tier 10 = 1 five-point star
tier 13 = 1 six-point star

If need be, you could color code them. Set 1 (the first 15 tiers) is black, set 2 is silver, set 3 is gold.

These could be placed beneath the pets for party members; and for the player's pets, they can go anywhere adjacent to the pet.

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