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Separate Locked and completed challenges
Why are locked challenges even listed in the find challenges window?  How is this helpful? Can't tell how much of that window is server side or client side but either way it has to be undue extra work.

Space is limited on that screen so suggestion is to just show|hide completed and ignore locked.

The ability to hide completed ones is a Great improvement from before so kudos on that. Even though it leads to less people helping it's needed because of how many challenges there are now.
This game screams "Look at what I can do" like Stewart from MadTV.

Harsh because I care.
Well, maybe not a great reason to keep them per say, but I know after I feel like I've added a good bit to my damages and want to see what new challenges I can do, if I see a locked challenge Duo that I only need to do the Solo for it I'll do that first quickly to try to get into the Duo. Same with the group.
I think he means to add this as an option like the show/hide completed challenges.
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