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Daily Challenges
I suggest a system of "daily challenges" to fix the problem of groups not filling. Perhaps 3 times a day, you could join a group or duo challenge of either the highest or second highest tier you've completed of a specific challenge for a reward of a single diamond (or random like a scaled down code).

This would fill groups, and the restriction of a high level version of each challenge would limit carries. The reward being small would be incentive for a significant portion of the players without causing too much stress for those who don't want to spend five more minutes clicking every day.
I like the idea. But if you really want to promote group challenges, either don't reward duos or do something like 2N rewards per day with N duos and N groups. Else players will just start pairing up with someone and doing all their daily challenges together in duo, it can happen with a group of 6 too but it's not as easy to coordinate. (I see the potential of this increasing the usefulness of guilds too, which is also a plus)

And for rewards, 1 diamond probably won't be appealing for high level players (extra 3~5/day won't help them much). Instead of a scaled down rando code, maybe a regular rando code after you complete them (which is usually a useless tiny pack bad but has a chance to be decent).

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