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Command Logs
I'm sure there is a few suggestion and i'm sure you had this idea or having it as you read this and make you have the idea anyways. Wink

for last 100, 200, 250, etc? things that happened? "/cmd log fish" or "/log fish"

Fish, meat?, rarity and quality, Sarifical Offering , how much gold spent or how many bought, fish meat aswell(i know, we can count while sitting there pushing buttons but it would nice to see how much it cost to get like 10 fish sacrafices without using calculator), Pets, Arena, Damage for each pet, Damage from enemy, How many time hit the attack button, etc... can think a lot more but that is a few, well quite a few logs.... i know, idle, game, small, whats the point but you know, i have no point and just wanna play a game how i would like to play and this is something i would like to enjoy. Smile

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