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v0.27g Patchnotes
v0.27g - Feb 21, 2015
  •  -ADD: New Clix system!
  •  -ADD: New Click Skill: Max Clix
  •  -ADD: New spanish chatroom: Salón Español #11
  •  -ADD: New Challenge: Fruitarian No More
  •  -ADD: New Challenge: Tribal Smash
  •  -ADD: You can now reset Trophy points
  •  -ADD: You can now reset Ascension points
  •  -ADD: Optimization for minimized/unfocused client. Damage text & coin spawns will disable until focus is regained
  •  -FIX: Adventure score bug (Everyone's will be reduced slighty)
  •  -FIX: Issue for challenges beyond Silver difficulty
  •  -FIX: Challenge zone progression exploit
  •  -FIX: Issue preventing pet training
  •  -FIX: Expeditions showing higher % yields but not providing them
  •  -BALANCE: Daily rewards should be consistently linear in rewards
  •  -BALANCE: TimeFreeze now allowed in Challenges
  •  -BALANCE: Time Extend & HP Reduction now affect challenges
  •  -BALANCE: Clix will not deplete nor is required in the Challenge System!
  •  -BALANCE: Manual Click Base Damage upgrades are now 35% more powerful, courtesy of the new CLIX system balancing
  •  -BALANCE: Ability cooldowns are now reset after completing a challenge stage
  •  -VISUAL: Yellow selection border should no longer appear
  •  -VISUAL: Moved EXP section into zone selector

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