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Fishing don't catch button
Not sure if it's a good idea or bad idea, but this is the suggestion forum so I figure it's worth posting and seeing what people think.

Can we add a don't catch button to fishing. Basically just gets rid of the fish on the screen and starts a new batch of fish. Would be nice when a bunch of low rarity fish appear that I would never press catch on and then I have to wait for them to disappear and new fish to appear. Would rather just have a button that would let me skip the wait time.
Good idea, I can see this getting miss used tho, add in a 5-10sec wait timer for the "Ignore" button (better then calling it don't catch) so that people can't spam "Ignore" every second.
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At first was thinking you meant it would force you to wait 5-10 seconds each time you hit it. But you are saying you just can't use it a second time for 5-10 seconds. That wouldn't be that bad. Mostly I just get tired of it taking 10 times as long to get good fish as just catching everything. Sometimes you get lucky and have a bunch of good groups in a row, other times it's like 20 pools of really bad fish before you get one that is decent.

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