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New Offline Gains System
There's a new offline gains system out now, but online gains has also been severely affected.

A lot of rumors and mis-communications have been spread, so to clear up the simple portions:

Experience and gold gains are no longer affected by kills (Except for treasures, which still drop gold). Kills focus now is for cards, and challenges.

Experience and Gold gains are now based on your DPS and party, and processed once every 5 seconds.

Every party member will now add 5% addition gold/exp, along with adding 5% of their DPS into your calculations. Your DPS calculations cannot surpass 130% of your personal dps however.

Beyond that, the ascension party boost will still apply on top of the 5% per party member.

Offline Gains
Offline gains are based on 90% of the value you would get while online, however cards are not included, nor are treasure gold drops. This is the first push of the system, so expect some tinkering to these gains.

Clicks & Abilities
Clicks and abilities, along with the 10% idle dps no longer affect EXP/Gold gains. They do still have their more significant purpose in zone progression early on, and challenges throughout. This is to stop the plague of scripting having it's advantage over most others.

Online Gains
Being online has several advantages still. You can watch your gains change based on the zone/inf tier you're on. Being online with other members in the party has a higher boost in gains, and while cards may not matter to some, they certainly have (and will have with future balancing) a big role in your progression.

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