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Well Known Issues
  • -Unable to join a party through guilds
  • -Regional Chat does not work
  • -Queue Challenges is broken now
  • -Patch notes are old
  • -Not killing an enemy in time does not set you back a zone
  • -Pet trophies stuck on pet score
  • -Trophy upgrades: expedition/mine/wood reduction don't appear to be working (the others are)
  • -When searching for a party, if you search for a specific name and it's not found; no error / notification message pops up.
  • -When attempting to use a space in the username, you get the following error within the client. [bubble error]
  • -Party Passwords not working
  • -Level Score trophy appears to not always be working as expected
  • -Last Online doesn't appear to be showing correctly as I'm pretty sure <name> was showing online yesterday [showing online weeks ago?]
  • -"changezone error broken" when changing zones or joining a party
  • -Challenge Milestone is showing on the character page, this stat doesn't show on the character page on the current service (Challenge milestone is the multiplier from reaching certain CP milestones)
  • -Click attack while waiting for challenge to load causes errors
  • -Party member zone progress is slow to update
  • -new leader able to donate under the 24 hour limit. [Guild creator should be bound to guild records for reference of the 24hr bypass]
  • -After completing all planets, not receiving xp bonus(edited)
  • -Config changes not taking effect in logic (Treasures off, password?, etc)
  • -After a while attempting to start challenges brings up bubble errors consistently
  • -receiving 3 and 4 card drops at AT0 with double cards? How?
  • -IOU scores not syncing with guild members list 


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