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Sacrifice more than 1 time with crystal
That would be cool if the sacrifice system would be used to get more than 1 sacrifical offering with 10 crystal. So... for example:

Laura has 27015 crystal and she's boring to sacrifice crystal repeately. So she want to sacrifice 7000 crystals for 700 sacrifice offerings in one - click.

There would also be a number indication to indicate how much crystal would you like to sacrifice.

Is it ok?
I just hate repeating clicking sacrifice 10 crystal when there need to be a one-click sacrifice for a set amount of sacrifical offerings.
Really you don't clear a mine that often. Unless you are blowing up literally 1000s of dynamite; you aren't going to run into an issue where the 10 crystal sac isnt a big deal.

1000 crystals is a LOT.

Honestly most newer players idea of crystal accumulation rate is HIGHLY warped by events and codes lately.
While I agree having a number to enter for CRYSTALS isn't that big a deal, there are other places in the game that could benefit by that functionality (inferno tiers, some of the leveling up screens, etc)

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