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PM space too limited (forum)
Maybe I communicate a bit more then the avg member.... but I find PM space to be lacking.
I frequently have to go thru and delete messages; then empty them from the trash. (to have room to get PMs)
So I suggest:

1. More PM space.
2. When u delete a message, its gone; no need to have to go through then delete the deleted messages for more space.
woot first forum suggestion¿

What's the current PM space 'cap'?
Can you send me a test PM
(12-07-2015, 01:33 PM)vosavo Wrote: woot first forum suggestion¿

What's the current PM space 'cap'?
Can you send me a test PM

lol You don't know, sad pm life huh? :p
Hah alright yeah I don't get the purpose of having to re-delete something


Hey now, in my defence forums are for PM's. (PUBLIC messages)
-I swear I have a life *closes closet*-

Although if the re-deleting is fixed, their may not be a need to increase PM 'cap'.
Or-- perhaps an easier way to clear up space? then delete a handful of messages at a time, then re delete them a hand full of times?
Sad I never get any private messages so I wouldn't know.
You can usually find me here!
Well, when you get nearing 100% you want more space because others can't PM you if its full.
And, only way to get more space: Delete old inbox and your sent message. You delete a page a time maybe a dozen or so (?) per page; then you have to go to Trash and delete them from Trash in order to clear space. 12 or so at a time (maybe less? too lazy to check) anyway.. its a bit tedious IMO especially if you only had access to mobile at the time you were nearing on full of msg and was expecting important messages incoming you'd be like "UGGGGHHHHHH" trust me ;P

I know it can seem I'm being nit picky here...

BUT .. forums is really the only messaging system for the game outside of a chatzy pm or a kong whisper =\.

So I mean... seems at least marginally important...
Wait what, who was going against you?

And you can instantly delete all the deleted messages, you don't have to go through them all (to the left of manage folders by your %space)
[or at least worked for me, when deleting one without having to sort through it]

If you're talking about what I was saying, i more or less don't get the purpose of having to re-delete in the first place, a deleted message should be deleted.

Ps: Now i'm confused.

EDIT: waaait nvm, but pretty sure you can just use the button next to the 'manage folders' to delete all read messages. (only visible if you have messages) Then just delete em in the trash, instead of manually.

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