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IOU spreadsheet (last update 25.12)
Character sheet:
1. Formulas on cells B32, B33, B34 and B35 are wrong.

Orbs Trackers sheet:
2. Lots of #REF errors. (can be fixed by pressing "Enter" key twice on those cells, probably that happened cause you deleted the battle&pets cell and re-created it)

Exp/Resources sheet:
1. Change cell G3 to: =24*60*Upgrades!H39/(20*(1-Upgrades!D39)) so it automatically calculates your chops/day taking into account the time reduction you have.

2. Chance cell G15 to: =24*60*Upgrades!H40/(20*(1-Upgrades!D40)) to do exactly the same for the pickaxes/day

3. Change cell G10 to: =G8*G9 removing the floor, to get a more exact data we should get the decimals too, a valor of 1000.5 means one we we get 1000 wood and the next one we get 1001

4. Remove the ceiling on cells G12 and G21, same explanation than previous suggestion, a 10.5 days would mean 10 days and a half, that's more exact than 11

5. Remove the round on cells G17, G18 and G22 for the same than previous suggestions.

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