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v0.56 Zeta Patchnotes
-FIX: Kong users will now auto login. Users wanting to access iou accounts through Kong will need to use the kv_iou var in the address line.
-FIX: Monster max health, and damage towards them can now result in far greater numbers, for expanding onto inferno 100+
-VISUAL: You can now see the card's id in the card pack window
-VISUAL: You can now see the card count of your selected card in the card pack window
-VISUAL: Open Card Pack tip will no longer continue to re-appear unless a new pack has been added to your pack inventory
-VISUAL: Pet arena opponent hp bar should now update on the final strike
-VISUAL: Weekly/Monthly packs should no longer show "ready" if you do not have any packs to claim
-BALANCE: Reaching level 200+ will now double your pet damage
-BALANCE: Pets have been given another exponential damage boost based on pet tier
-BALANCE: Pet arena opponents have been given less max HP on earlier levels, and far more at later levels
-BALANCE: Inferno Creatures have had their difficulty increased based on Inferno Tier
-BALANCE: A 1% card damage boost is applied per inferno level now
-BALANCE: Card milestone damage has been modified per tier (higher values on higher tiers)

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