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Progress is too slow!
I encourage suggestions and feedback intensely, so I want to use this post to include some details specifically to those who are upset about the progression speed.

Progress is slow. This costs too much. It takes too long.
I already agree! However IOU is not a game with a small variety of the same creatures where you can surpass zone 1000 within an hour of perfected strategy or memory edit your way to paradise. This is an mmorpg idle game with a top ranking system and many growing features. The end-game at the time of the post is short, so it needs to be balanced to prevent everyone from being identical & maxed on the top lists. As all the planned features are implemented, you will notice a sincere difference in the pace of things early on, and new distracting features that allow you to feel less obligated to the speed of basic zone/world progression as time passes. This is a competitive idle game that is intended to last for months, and years like any mmo, not days or weeks.

Players from early beta have already experienced significant balance changes for the better, and these changes are only few to many as development progresses, so please be patient on these temporary solutions as early progression will smooth soon enough Smile

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