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Dev Diary 10 :: 2015 :: August
The new ticket system is going quite well! Few hiccups, but it's improving very quickly.

142 tickets already since the update earlier today...42% resolved in under 10 minutes....although I don't expect to hold that rate for too long without burning out. I'll be aiming my response time at 24 hours for all tickets for the future, which will allow me to spend time developing.

The next major feature update will be announced in the next couple days, and the event announced within a week or so.
Development itself has been a little slow due to the instance issues and the 2,000 tickets/updates since the ticket system was released. I however have the design plan for the new event, and i'm hoping to be able to top the last event significantly. I expect this event will last a bit longer and may stretch into the following month, depending on when I can get it released.

The Art contest winners have been announced. I think I hate the original idea as I feel awful not being able to give a lot more people prizes, but in hoping people understand it's more intended for fun. There were a lot of other submissions not included in the winnings that I wanted to reward on my own bias Sad

I haven't announced the next feature yet because of being delayed a full week and still working with the server hosts on the issues at hand still, but hopefully i'll be able to offer more information soon Smile
This patch is taking quite a while as you can tell, due to a number of interfering factors, but this patch is certainly not growing to be the most petite at all.

Major balance changes on woodcutting/mining to prevent scripters from being able to surpass active legitimate players who require sleep, party member progress/dps information, and a number of other great suggested improvements and fixes.

The event is still in major works...i'm actually terrified of how much work this event is going to require overall in both resources, time, etc but I wanted to surpass the previous event! In my face, Ray!

The card pack and future vip (beyond 12) design is in the works. Better late than never, sincere apologies on all the delays! Looking at September for this.

New building 'possibly' with this patch. Haven't had a chance to jump on it, but I have until next Monday'ish. Should be enough time to squeeze that in.

And we're looking at a new, more full-time Community Manager by next week that could bring forth pretty much unparalleled support to anything in the past that I was able to provide.

I'm aiming at every ticket being completed each day, and beginning to develop tools that ensure even better support can be provided...while the ticket system has been tremendous, I will always keep trying to improve support for the community.
Welcome Bob, our new Community Manager!

He'll be assisting with tickets and community relations to give me more time for development Smile

The event development is underway, along with instance issue catching and more stability overall.
Hey folks,

I'm sure you're wondering what's going on with the event....I'm working 14-16 hour days here to resolve issues and get this event out. 

However, i've also had a lot of complaints that you want more things to do in the game, and guild buildings just aren't filling the gap, especially after the mining changes. So here's what i'm thinking, but don't yell, it's not for sure.

I'm thinking of converting this event into a double event:
  • Lasts 3 weeks
  • 50 Potential Event Points from the gameplay, instead of the regular 25
  • 4 event packs purchasable
  • Running from late August to mid September
  • Higher bonuses throughout
The reasoning for this change, is beyond all the instance issues I got caught up on because of the Yahoo server instance glitches, is this would give me time to truly provide a massive new feature in September instead of trying to theme another massive event.

If we go this route, you can expect a new gameplay feature in September, and the next major event would be October (Halloween).
Regarding today's patch and party issues....

The issues are an effect of the server architecture. Yahoo owns the physical servers that I host the code on. The issue arises with double instances of the same party/guild. I've been working with Yahoo for a while now trying to get them to resolve it while also trying to work out my own method of tracking the issues and trying to design a workaround.

Today we are hopping onto a more private/dedicated cluster where (hopefully) it will be far more stable. Yahoo is aware of today's patch and will also be trying to keep an eye on the servers.

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