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Deconcentration level 51

i bought the deconcentration lvl 51 for 130.500.000
But it didnt lower the orb price by 1%
So i looked on forums and it says lvl50 was some kind of cap.
Is it possible to get that 1% deconcentration or can i get my researchpoints back?
because 130,5million research was a lot to save up and in the end it could mean getting 1 more orb Shy

IGN: Selendis
Thank you in advance.

[Image: enrcCk.jpg]
I did the same, and got the same problem. No reduction in price, for a quite steep research which would have increased production by a lot if spent elsewhere.

Thanks for the warning... I was about to buy it Smile
glad you are warned, would ve been nice if we were too. or compensated Smile
I lol'd.
Definitely a bad idea...Lol.
You can usually find me here!

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