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Rested Time
Rested Time
Rested time is earned by being offline for extended periods of time. You'll only earn half the time that you are offline, and only up to 6 hours worth.

When you have rested time, gold and exp earned from kills will award you with an additional +50% bonus.

  • If you are offline for 10 hours, you will earn up to 5 hours, so long as your total rest time does not exceed 6 hours.
This is not a rewarding bonus for being offline. It's a system to assist you in catching up a little if you happen to get disconnected during a patch or for any other reason. It technically gives you about a 25% earning while offline if you figure out the math (Earn half the time as rested, and earn 50% while using rested: .5x.5 = 0.25). 

6 Hours is not a permanent limit, nor is the 50% bonus. Upgrades will more than likely become available for these.

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