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Guild Management Options - Discussion
Dear Ray, dear community

First things first: Ray, thank you very much for this game you are hosting, it's a lot of fun. I looked over the board and did not see any thread with this leading thema, if there is, please move my comment there Smile

I can't write things like that without a "how we have come here" text in the beginning, so sorry for taking your time Smile

Recentntly, I've become guild leader of the guild I was playing with and all of you know: With might comes responsibilitiy. So I've had a look at the management board to confirm what I can do, what is not much but the basics needed.

So I want to open a thread, foremost to discus with other players and yourself, Ray, if there is some need for additional options for the guild management.

To begin, I've got 2 missing options I myself would really appreciate:

1. Guild Buildings Management:

To have a better overview and control for the guild donations, it would really come in handy if there was an option to deny investments to buildings the leadership does not think of any use at this time. Like that you could say "OK, we gonna go for building X and Y" and the only options to invest on will be these 2.

I don't know if I'm thinking too restrictive, but you'll have that one Han Solo in every guild which is doing as he pleases just to get the guild XP but not really thinking about the guilds "goals", even though you discussed it in guild chat. Or for others coming back online which missed the discussion and don't know there is a new "target".

But please, let me hear your opinions on that one.

2. Optional Guild Kick Timer:

I don't know if the title itself is saying enough, here a short explanation.

It would be convenient to have some sort of timer, which is configureable by the leadership, to kick members after they have been offline for zzz hours. Only members, no leaders, creators or captains. So you could disable the counter or promote the ones which you know will be away for some days / weeks, so you don't kick ones which will be back after some time for sure.

To be honest, this option would just be to please my lazyness, so I don't have to look over the guild members every day / week, but I think there will be some other ppl which would like to have something like this because of lazyness....

BUT: If you are thinking about implementing something like that, don't do it before you got the friendlist working. That way you could message one of your old guildies to get back in if you were on vacation or something like that. I personally would set the range zzz (100-999) so it could not be "abused".

@ Ray: I don't know how your DB has been built, so I cannot say if it's even possible to make these things running without hours and hours of work...Cause there will be some writes and I think you need another table or two. The table is not the problem, sure, but I know the pain which give writes sometimes...

So, please feel free to join the discussion, post your opinions or ideas.

Cheers YumeTsubasa
I definitely like these ideas, certainly they are not essential for all but there are situations where I can see them benefiting guilds in a big way +1
For suggestion number one it's not a bad idea. The problem is I see that as being part of organizing your guild. Plus what happens if you get a leader that is an idiot and wants a level 15 altar while everything else is still level 5. Or a only slightly active leader that locks all buildings but one for multiple upgrades. I'd prefer to just assume that good guilds can manage their members donations without something like this.

For the second suggestion it's also not a bad idea and it's one I wish I had a lot of times when I was a guild leader in other games. But is it really worth spending the time to develop? Plus what about the possibility of bugs, the consequences could be crazy. For instance what if a patch is released and suddenly when you enter 3 days it thinks you are entering 3 hours. Suddenly half your guild is gone, good luck tracking them all down and getting them back in the guild. So it's a feature that would take time to program and one I would never use out of fear of a potential bug at some point that would kick half the guild.

I kind of like both ideas. But I don't think I'd use either myself or want to see them used in a guild I was part of. So I then have to ask myself is it really worth spending any time at all programming?
Yeah, the problem of abusement is omnipotent, so think of every option there is, there could be some abusement in the end. If you work as IT guy, you will know what I wanna say Wink

I think I was a bit early with these kind of ideas, as by now these are not really a problem because everything is still in growth and manageable.

But what about when the guilds will grow to 50+ members for a certain percentage and all guild buildings are available ?

Not everything is manageable just with good will, some hope and communication, I think with growing guilds these things will get to be a thema to discuss further.

And yeah, I know it's nothing to focus on RIGHT NOW anyway, the guild thing is working and good as it is. I just wanted to hear what other ppl think about the future and if these options or others will come in handy Smile

Ray did it just the right way here, start with all the things utterly necessary and atm working on the games progress itself, not in the diversity on options. That's a thing you can do when the users are still weeks away from reaching the current top content, not lurking around it in numbers.

But I wanna hear other sugestions as well guys, c'mon. I can't be the only one missing something Wink
The first thing that guilds need is a better communication system. The problem with Aaron Storm's suggestion that it's part of good management is that there's no persistent group messaging system, and with members coming in from all around the world, the time zones don't even always line up to be online at the same time. Generally my chat will persist if I leave my computer on, but a lot of times it clears itself (maybe I disconnected for a few seconds while I was gone for 8-10 hours?). With a better communication system, I think organization would be more feasible. Then, later on, when the numbers are ridiculous and you have a bunch of loose cannons (some people are just out to troll), I'd rather police them with an expanded set of management tools than just kick them because that's the way I roll (and why make them someone else's problem?). And having a friend's list would probably fix Aaron's issue with using the other tool. It would be pretty easy to piece a guild back together after a catastrophic bug if we had a friend system (or if you right down the names of your members to re-invite them *hint* *hint* haha). But yeah, the few bugs in the past have been catastrophic for guilds: losing creatorship, having the guild randomly disbanded, etc.
You don't need a message system to manage guild donations. I'm not a guild leader but I'm pretty sure that the guild leaders can setup a daily message that you see when you go to your guild. My guild uses this to direct donations. ie- warehouse 10 then altar 8 or something similar.

I can tell you from being a guild leader on other games that most players will not accept an invite back to a guild after they have been kicked. Around 50% will, the rest will decide there is something wrong with the guild or it's a good time to find a new guild. This is especially true when the game requires that guilds accomplish tasks together. For instance if guild challenges come out and members get kicked from a guild and two of the top 5 members decide not to come back then other members will decide to find other guilds since the power of the guild has drastically taken a step backwards.

I'm not saying either of these ideas are bad ideas. In fact I can see them being useful. I just know from time I've spent learning to program you are talking about hours if not days of work for systems that most people don't expect to see in this game, nor will all players want in the game. If it was a few minutes or it was a large team of developers than it's a great idea. But I'd rather Ray spent the time creating a new set of challenges or finishing up global beasts.

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