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Support & Troubleshooting

I'm missing resources/levels/etc. What can I do?
First, try a refresh (F5), or a new client if one is available (Ctrl + F5). If something still doesn't look right, there might be a display issue (due to party, challenge, or guild instances). See if you actually have the result of the missing stat, such as a guild bonus being available even if the guild window shows otherwise. Please report these issues as display bugs.

If you've lost the result of the missing stat, please submit a ticket explaining what is missing, when you first noticed the issue, and any other relevant details. You could also check the knowledge base, ask in chat for help or if others have some knowledge about the problem, etc. Same is true for any gained stats, of course!

Challenge bonus damage or points don't add up to the "Completed" marks.
Sometimes players are rewarded for challenges that were not actually completed in time (before 0.00s on the timer). They may have received the loot box and the completed mark, but they likely haven't received the damage bonus nor the challenge points from those levels. These players will have to retry the challenge and complete the levels in question before the timer runs out to receive their full rewards.

I'm gaining fewer stones/logs/cards/etc. now, what happened?
Periodically there are "Bonus" events, which provide boosts to XP, gold, stone, etc. More than likely, a bonus recently ended, though the bonus display might still be visible until a client refresh occurs (F5, or Ctrl + F5).

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