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What are crystals for?
Currently, they can be sold for gold. They will be needed for planned crafting updates, and are intended to be a low-supply item.

How do I collect cards? What are they used for?
For every kill during hunting (including bosses and treasure spawns) there is a random chance to receive a card drop. Each card is tied to a specific zone (planet-zone ID number) and when you collect enough cards from the same zone, you receive bonus base damage. They are not currently used for any other purpose, and it takes a very long time to gather an appreciable number of cards. They play a bigger role in later stages of the game.

What are stamina and mana for?
They prevent unlimited ability use and clicks during hunting (anti-autoclickers) after character level 100. It regenerates slowly no matter what activity you are performing, and continues to regen even while offline.

I'm over level 100, why doesn't my stamina or mana reduce?
They only lower upon clicking or ability actions, and not on any zone that you haven't yet cleared (i.e. received the reward bundle). Also, they will never be reduced during challenges, so don't hold back!

How do I ascend? Will I lose anything?
Complete the highest planet allowable for your tier (5/7/10) and reach the required character level (40/75/130). All resources and stats are carried forward upon ascension, the only thing "lost" is zone clearance/access. You are able to re-clear each zone (and reap the rewards for them again!) at every ascension except the third (final).

Should I ascend right away?
Most players suggest ascending as soon as you can, unless you are waiting for a partner to catch up. There are no mainstream benefits to staying in a lower ascension tier, and some features actually require at least one ascension to be accessed (e.g. Pet Arena).

How do I gain event points?
Events points are earned during special events which are opened periodically for a week or so. New and original events will always be in the works for an upcoming release, so stay tuned!

Why does my damage change, especially when I click?
There is a +10% idle damage bonus in effect when you do not click or use abilities after a couple of minutes. (You can still click in other windows for upgrades, guilds, mining, etc., without interfering with this bonus.)

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