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[Visual] Pet training UI suggestion
I'm going to take this comment a step further, this goes beyond a simple "lack of consistency" not having the close button in the top right goes against the last 30 years of UI design. Even Apple eventually backed down and offered the top right close button as an option because people are used to it. Before the update there was no close button in the planet selection screen and the challenges window, both of these were irritating, but dealt with rarely enough that the irritation didn't "stick". With the update now pet training and shopping are missing the close button. Please fix these; by all means if the artist in you feels the need to have a giant close button somewhere in the middle of the page then go for it, but keep the small x for those of us who just want to get the job done and back to our game.

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RE: [Visual] Pet training UI suggestion - Donnikko - 08-23-2016, 08:37 AM

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