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Answers from Ray - 8/7/2018 -> 7/8/2018
Ray can you give us an option to turn off that popup completely when we level up, please?
-Any and all new options will have to be part of the unity builds. I can't even say for certain how popoups will work just yet even in Unity Test, but we'll definitely get kay to work on that.

What about runes feeded with crystals instead of new resources?
look like second layer orb won't come on ever so if it ever come make it easy to full upgrade it and limit the boost cap of each second-layer orb by the stars of orbs in first layer
for example stone 5* max cap for stone second-layer would be 50, make the bonus small (but still a boost) and different from first layer orb and somewhere near 1k crystals for buying the lvl 50 (and increasing at a higher rate after 50)
this way we have 2 ways to spend crystals and non need to invent new resources and systems
And if we want to help challenges it's easy make challenges reward crystals in small quantity too :wink: especially when you help a lower level that make his first kill (but right now doesn't seem like an issue since i often see the challenges waitlist cleaned many times I check)
-I answered this too late. 2nd layer is in.

What color are your eyes Ray?
-They turn bluer the more tired I am, otherwise green.

Will there eventually be 8*(+) orbs?  Alternatively, if orbs end up capped, will there be another valuable use for sacrifices?
-I do imagine there being an eventual expansion.

Can @Level get a raise?
-:middle_finger: Biggest raise we can afford!

Why not spend 10 min to remove outdated messages ingame? ("Guild bonus: 0" into stats... , Buildings announced for early and mid 2018.). Any  new player that see "beginning 2018 release" message may think game is not updated anymore (= moneyloss for you)
-I think we ended up doing this. Are there still any? PM me if so.

Can we separate gulid chat and guild notifications?
-We'll have options for this.

Could you fix/increase the hitbox for this icon? missclicks happen very often to me. thanks
[Image: Z7wUA1o.png]
Unfortunately not possible as the bounds are based on MovieClips in flash for this. I could reduce them but it would no longer be able to be dynamic with your avatar.

Could there by chance be a tiny visual update to the taxidermist menu, where any tab that contains a fish where we can claim pearls get a special colour, like in this demonstration bad MS paint edit?
[Image: klhTc2F.png]
-I'll add this to Kay's todo list. Fishing window is in Unity now but needs some work anyways. Thanks.

Is it hard to change "111,111,111,111/222,222,222,222" Xp to level up to "111,11B/222,22B"? Would save much brain energy = actual food= could save the planet. XD
-I just wrote a new system for Unity that will allow you to select specific number formatting and condensing, which we will be adding to the options window and expanding on from feedback very soon

Any chance of a "restart" button in ship expedition that claim reward and send back the ship to the same expedition he was?

Trophies/orb to reduce minimum fish quality
Less rng on fishies please
-Possible for the near future

Will this one ever be renamed to "Grave Pigger"?
[Image: iF4qmQ4.png]
-Never =o I like it though

Tbh id like to see an 'auto-refresh of a mining level if lack wood to unlock' as an option. Also would be cool to see somewhere on mining screen how much wood do we need to unlock the next level. Atm have to check on multicalc for that. You shouldnt just refresh mine if you cant unlock it right now. its dumb. if you miss 1 tree or something.
-Few changes were done on this recently, however we still have some pretty big changes to mining very soon!

So can we get a ticket refund for bingo if we didnt click anything at all? Or ok, auto powerdab at the end of a session. Cuz is sucks to loose 5 days ticket b/c someone has broken a leg and you have to come out to help him. 
-Sorry....Not anytime soon. Simply because outside of optimization we don't want to spend much more time / focus on this until it can be a side priority

Pets are great but getting trophies for them is very difficult, will we be getting a trophy revamp for pets?
-I didn't have that planned. This is a new complaint for me. Feel free to bring it up on test sometime.

Since ingame chat is a bit of a gamble for people that are afk alot, resets and if the silence is to long the stone investments have cleared the whole history. How about a "real" motd apart from the one on building page that no one reads, a motd that is for important information to guild members, a message that the system will broadcast in the guild chat preferably in some noticeable color at the daily reset every day unless empty.
-While we still have yet to integrate a new chat system within the Unity version, I still doubt we can tackle this kind of thing any time this year, sorry.

Why can't we reset a level 50+ character, and will there be a way to do it?
-Because of high score submissions. Just because the character is reset unfortunately does not let us retroactively resolve all the score submits and it can cause issues. I am dying to be able to rework the score system, and when that is done, then we can expand the limit.

Can we get a new pet skin that is a Whale?
Make it cost 100k diamonds, or require reaching Support Level XX to unlock? (or both) Big Grin
-No, but we will have new pet skins soon.

If you have a question or concern you want answered, head over to to submit.

Thank you everybody for your questions.
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