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Stamina/mana upgrade <lvl 100

- Make stamina/mana in the upgrades menu completely invisible until lvl 100+.

From which if you unlock it, can be a hover over text saying: "Stamina/mana upgrade unlocked" or something like that.

I've previously been tolled that mana/stamina aren't until lvl 100+ because it may add confusion to players, so how does having the useless upgrades visible on the screen make it any less confusing?

Removing it pre-lvl 100 from the upgrades menu can fix it.
Nobody will know what it does without being tolled, be honest we've probably all upgraded it a couple times when we didn't know what it did (if you didn't ask).

This is a very minor suggestion, helping the game become more 'user' friendly.
(01-02-2016, 11:45 AM)pimc Wrote: makes sense , i did upgrade those at early levels and kept doing it for a while because i didnt see results

or it can be inserted  "for lvl100+" in that description which appears when hovering over those skills

Yeah that works too, even a line across it so people can't upgrade it.

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