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v0.14b Patchnotes - Ray - 01-02-2015

v0.14b - Jan 1, 2015
  •  -ADD: Woodcutting is now available!
  •  -ADD: Leaders can now kick members
  •  -ADD: You can now see guild IOU scores in the guild panel
  •  -ADD: Guild IOU scores are now updated every 5 minutes
  •  -ADD: Added Woodcutting upgrades
  •  -ADD: New Currency: Wood (logs)
  •  -ADD: New Statistic Logging of Wood Currency Accumulation
  •  -FIX: Expedition upgrade costs fixed
  •  -FIX: Should no longer be able to get stuck in a guild/out of a guild
  •  -FIX: Damage boost should now work correctly
  •  -BALANCE: Significantly increased trophy reqs for gold/xp
  •  -BALANCE: Significantly increased gold rewards for expeditions
  •  -VISUAL: You can now see if you succeeded or failed in an expedition
  •  -VISUAL: Activity upgrade button removed from Upgrades