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[Rank#330] HC Slowpokes - aphixia - 11-27-2016

O/ we are currently seeking 4 more masochists to join us~~
The rules are simple
1. you start from scratch with a HC preffix to your name, HCikzune for example
2. no transactions
3. all parties are guild only, no carries beyond what guild can offer

For further information contact me here or via discord @ikzune 

RE: HC Slowpokes - Ragekai - 11-27-2016

[Image: 73473719.jpg]

RE: HC Slowpokes - aphixia - 12-02-2016

bump, still seeking 4 more members who want to join

RE: HC Slowpokes - aphixia - 12-07-2016

While we are seeking only 3 more members, guild hall is level 0 and we have stone reserved to increase that count if nessecary

RE: [Rank#382] HC Slowpokes - aphixia - 01-03-2017

bump, still seeking people