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Total PP Cmd - Srw - 07-16-2016

Need a way to show our total PP without counting nodes or resetting. Something like /cmd totalpp

RE: Total PP Cmd - Mythic - 07-16-2016

Or just show total pp in pet's Upgrade Map and or also have a total in Pet Point Upgrade Map.
So in Upgrade Map have, Total PP: xxxx above Unlocks: X/X
And or in Pet Point Upgrade Map have, Total PP: xxxx above Upgrade Cost: XXX

RE: Total PP Cmd - PeuDoki - 07-16-2016

Well you can just use sheet for it, it is not even that complicated calculation. But of course would be more comfortable if it were in game. I miss the dps command more, it is much more useful information and harder to calculate yourself (although it is available).

RE: Total PP Cmd - Segan - 07-16-2016

The point against using a sheet is you'd need to click individual nodes to see what level you currently have them set at. That would be very inconvenient (and potentially unreliable if you happen to miss nodes).

RE: Total PP Cmd - PeuDoki - 07-19-2016

You have comparedps to check whether you imputed the data correctly.

RE: Total PP Cmd - Brouwer - 07-28-2016

At least current avaliable PP should be visible on the upgrade map screen.

Also using sheets for total PP is a bit overcomplicated...

RE: Total PP Cmd - Aar118 - 07-30-2016

I agree.