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Server stress/Challenges/QOL - Denyal - 06-13-2016

I was witness to 3 b3 were groups, trying to start, that had a total of 5 players between them.

What is the point of the 6 person group?  Why not have people auto join existing groups? They could put a password on it if the want their own. Heck a check box saying "Join others" would work. Less instances of rooms would decrease server load also.

This would shrink the list so that people that like helping can help better. unless that's not the goal of the 6 person group... what is the goal?

RE: Server stress/Challenges/QOL - Mythic - 06-19-2016

Nice plan, i would also guess that if you set a min lvl that would also make those player below said lvl unable to join.