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Farflier's Guild Sheets - Farflier - 10-25-2015

Several people asking me for my sheets lately after I let some people in Chatzy play with them, so thought I'd just post a public version here. Be warned, I'm not really a spreadsheet guy and they are messy. DPS will probably not work/be very inaccurate for players below lvl 200, as I've only had inferno folks use it before. Sheets are protected, make a copy to use.

InfCalc is a modified version of Brouwer's inferno optimizer, abstracted to compare only base values and use individual xp/gold modifiers for party display only.
Many others have contributed formulas/data used in these sheets over time, much appreciation to them.


RE: Farflier's Guild Sheets - oneshotflinch - 11-03-2015

Thank-you farflier! Any updates to this?  Big Grin