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Full Version: some thoughts on the mobile alpha
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first of all i tested a few things as to how it continues to run.

At least on my device, the galaxy S5 when you minimize the game into the background it appears to run for a minuet or so, then it stops and logs you out. I think that if there was a way to adjust this so that you had the ability to just minimize it and let it continue to fight in the background of your phone that would be an awesome little touch. That way the users don't have to constantly leave the screen open and game running in the foreground in order to continue play.

I will go ahead and do some testing on my tablet as well soon too so that we can get some input from different devices. The actual combat when in game seemed to work pretty well. A bit jumpy at times, but that is expected for an alpha build. overall i think that this build is a pretty solid replication of what it is like to play on the computer. nice work so far.

Is this the kind of feedback/reporting that you would like to see from those of us who are testing and looking for bugs/glitches for you to work out?
Absolutely. The feel, bugs, differences, etc.

The game SHOULD be a replicated experience.
awesome, sounds good. ill do some more playing around with the app later today and let you know what i find