Idle Online Universe RPG

Full Version: v0.98.40 – March 16, 2018
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-ADD: Two new orbs added: Card DMG, and Expedition Pts
-ADD: Packs can now be opened consecutively with ease
-ADD: Max Inferno Tier set to 25000 (from 10,000)
-ADD: New console command ‘/cmd time’ to view server time
-ADD: New connection queue system for when the post-maintenance connections clog the network
-FIX: Card damage should now update without requiring a relog
-FIX: Guild bonuses 199 and 200 should now be in effect
-VISUAL: Support for Qi numerics added
-VISUAL: Support for monster HP beyond a 64-bit integer
-VISUAL: Support for infinite card counts
-VISUAL: Character window should represent card damage appropriately now