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Full Version: v0.98.55 - April 10, 2018
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v0.98.55 - April 10, 2018
-ADD: [BETA] - New Pet Skin Shop. Unlock, buy and change your pet skin. You can do this by clicking on the Pet Icon inside the Pet Training window. You'll find the alien personality with 48+ comments.
This is not a completed feature as the unlock system needs further integration.
-ADD: A x10, and x100 modes have been added into the Mafia Event weapon shop
-FIX: You should no longer be able to reset legendary distribution if there is nothing to reset
-BALANCE: Guild leave penalty removed
-VISUAL: Confirmation popups are now added for Sacrifices
-VISUAL: Pet tier added in Pet Training
-VISUAL: Pet tiers visible in party hover tip. The window has also been revamped a little.


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