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Full Version: v0.97.90 - Dec 21, 2017
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Santa Event Release
-FIX: Several bingo issues fixed. We've also included a crediting of Bingo Tickets based on games played successfully. We'll see how things run this weekend.
-BALANCE: EP Milestones have been changed to be every 25 points, includes a higher base rate to start, along with now including +2% every 100 EP to Dmg & Gold. Along with this change is an additional 20 Ascension Points and 8 Legendary Points per 100. EP's diminishing return rate and very aging balance setup left there little reason to look forward to future event point growth.
-BALANCE: Earnable EP per event has been increased to 20, instead of 15.
-BALANCE: Recoupable EP fixed back to 90%. We were far behind with 70%