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Paint.exe IOU
I am terrible with paint....and A) hopefully the colors are workable, and B) hopefully my writing is legible...and you can understand what it is. if not
[spoiler]It's 2 snakes, and 1 snake finally got the idea to know....grab the gold out of the inanimate object instead of beating it's head on it for a while....the innovative snake [/spoiler]  p.s. spoiler boxes don't appear to work, so highlight between to get what the spoiler is (do your own spoiler box is fun!)

[Image: b17f86b555.png]
[Image: 2jgDf7T.png]
(07-27-2015, 12:28 PM)Ragekai Wrote:
(07-27-2015, 12:08 PM)Yannay Wrote: I thought about making both entries but this was too tiring and frustrating, plus my wrist hurts. I gave up making another entry. Not with a mouse...


Good luck everyone!

This deserves first place IMO !!

Yeah art wise this one is prob the best but I'd still vote for the pet snake one. It's so cute.
[Image: wQGcZQf.png]
[Image: VaVtsfFm.png]
Good luck everyone! I gotta thank Bob for the guide that helped me out when I started IOU! IGN:Terracide

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This is world 9 boss 20

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My favourite little arena dude.

IGN: Ophelia

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Sorry but i must add 3 images (everybody know why) :/ and sorry but i'm not art master

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IGN: Mordurin
LVL: 58
IOU: 3215
This is what I'm doing at the moment, the grind is real. Smile   ign: Shido
[Image: 6Sl8VQf.png] 

Dramatic Wabbit Big Grin
[Image: qqaT8V4.png]

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[Image: 21fdacd541ca53e7523aedf5c908a46c.png]

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