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Paint.exe IOU
I decided to attempt to recreate the moment I hate the most in IOU

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Here's my entry

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Locking this thread for now, to prevent editing posts and such.

If you have a last minute entry, find me or ray pronto!
I'm going to be getting a couple outsiders to assist with the voting process. I was hoping to do a community vote but that's a little too complicated right now with everything going on.

Should have results by Wednesday.

Top 5 will be a little difficult, I might change the rules a bit :-p
Congrats guys. Smile
Yay! \o/
Thanks a lot for the pick <3

Some people already expressed their appreciation to my pictures, I (somewhat rudely, sorry ^^;...) kept quiet, 'cus I didn't want to jinx myself xD

Also, congrats Magsie ^^
Congrats guys! Big Grin

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