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Sprite Substitution
There's an issue that I've caught happen a couple times, but haven't been quick enough to screen cap. Every once in a while coins will flash with what appear to be a series of zone backgrounds or maybe the images used for zone selection. They're only about 2x the size of the coin (maybe the actual size of the coin sprite?) I think the only time I've seen this happen is coming out of a dialog, such as woodcutting or mining. I've tried to repro, but the best I can come up with is it's random :-p
That's when you drop a card from a creature Smile
oooh, hah. Ok then...

Given that drop rates are supposed to be 1:2500 for noobs, and seeming as I haven't been paying attention in my mobile version all that much, it seems a little unlikely that I should have been able to see it happen twice in the past 24 hours. On top of that, I've watched the FB version way more often and never saw a card drop before, and I'm 2nd Asc. Though, random will be random, so maybe it's not a problem...

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