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Initial Feedback
After a few minutes of playing on my S4 there are a few things that stand out immediately:

1) Transparencies dog the game down. Every time a pop up appears everything comes to a crawl until it's gone.
2) Taps feel like they're being treated as mouse clicks. This isn't a bad thing, necessarily, except that the mouse cursor hops around the screen and mouseover events are only being triggered on tap and not immediately visible to mobile users.
3) Another issue that's a bit more troublesome for an idle game such as this one is how the phone OS handles the game after prolonged inactivity. On a PC the game just stays open in a browser without a problem, but after a while a mobile OS will suspend the game causing a disconnect and halting progress. I don't have any good suggestions on how to handle this, except maybe to allow players to receive an average number of coins/experience per minute without having to be logged in to the game. Partying would have to be reserved for being logged in, I think... or maybe not. I can't think of a solution that won't significantly alter current gameplay. But not being able to progress during a sustained idle on the phone, I feel, will effectively kill the validity of IOU as a mobile game. #harshtruth

I think you're doing great work, Ray! I look forward to seeing what the future of this game holds. Good luck finishing up Arena and Crafting.


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