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Connection error when downloading app
I got accepted as a tester but i get an error when i follow the link and try to download the app in google play.

"idle Online Universe" could not be downlaoded due to an error. (Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-7:AEC-7 UW4O-2FHX-3GOKY]

Looks like a serial key ^^
That's quite odd - did you maybe flicker out of connection briefly? The app comes from google servers so that's a bit out of my range of support.
I was able to download it this morning. I think a tester is only able to download the app once. I factory resetted my tablet, tried redownloading and thats when the error came.

After i applied to be a tester again yesterday i was able to redownload it.
After uninstalling the app, you should be able to download it again - it should also auto update like regular google play apps.

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