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Story of my own
Hey folks...

As I have mentioned in the post regarding the community competition finalization, it was really incredible all the effort and soul put into the story submissions by the user-base...

Community Winners Link:

One of the most frustrating things about my position as the creator of IOU is the fact that I have had to be so closed and protected identity-wise from the internet, even if certain explanations may have helped reduce some of the user-bases accusations or theories of me being lazy or unmotivated towards my work; the furthest thing from the truth. 

So I'm going to tell a story of my own. A true story. I'm not good at writing, but I don't know how else to explain myself.

I'm not looking for sympathy for me or my family! but I do hope you can find patience and understanding as to why development sometimes (especially as of recently) hits some snags.

The past weeks, months and years have had their complications but today was particularly a good day. 

It was a day where a single-father spending time with his children (Two sons, and one daughter) for the first time after 5+ weeks, breaking the news to his children after getting off the phone that they will be staying with him, and will not be returning to their mother's for a while. This causes the children to begin to cry and hug their father, but contrary to what you are thinking, it's tears of relief.

The following day after dinner, the father notices significant upset in his eldest son's face, and after asking him what was going on, the child begins crying more frantically. The eldest tells his father, the proud dad who has always thought he knew his children so well, that he has no idea what he has been through, or what had happened to him. He cries and becomes almost impossible to understand through his choking on his own tears; his father's heart breaks once again at the ordeal.

After working to comfort and calm his son down, he discovers that his son was right in that he had no idea just what he had been through. He learns that his son's own mother convinced him that he was not loved, not only by her, but his siblings, his family, his friends (which she proclaimed he had none of), his teachers....that they all despised him. The disclosures grew more and more disturbing again and again. While he was a truly intelligent kid with one of the biggest hearts you would ever see, being told something enough by your own mother, he began to believe it. He then discloses that for the first time in his life during this that he had wished his life had ended when this was all happening....a theme not even a grown man should ever have to endure, let alone a child.


At the start of 2018, during the same time I had pneumonia, my eldest child called Child Services on my ex, his own mother, for extreme physical abuse (torture, humiliation, direct physical harm) and psychological abuse (Mind-games, or calling them Stupid, Retarded, Douche-bags and other assortments of put-downs).

The children remained with me after the children's disclosure but their mother nabbed them at school, and the system failed to protect them because there was no legal court-order yet. 

During this process their mother tried to convince everyone that our eldest son was mentally ill and violent, and attempted to break him down into nothing so his reports were dismissed. She threatened to send him away if he didn't tell Child Services that he lied about his accounts. She prevented all contact with the children and their father (myself).

After a disgusting delay dealing with lawyers and the system, I finally get access to see the children. They report that their mother insisted they pull things, such as asking to go to a nearby park, run to her home and say that I had hit them and called them names, or to insist to me that they lied about their disclosures (or they would be punished by her). They didn't follow through and disclosed numerous disturbing 'plans' and events over the last significant duration. 

I have always been there for the children every step of the way, but it turns out I have been blind to just how bad it was for them when they were not in my care. I never caught the full fear and anxiety they faced to be able to dig into what was really going on outside of my view. 

The system finally did wake up and placed the children into my protective custody recently, and the children are now undergoing a stressful and emotional recovery process where they need as much time as I can give them to be there for them.

My passion for game development and the communities are incredibly important to me, but my entire purpose in my simple life is my children. My pride as a good father is something I have to repair after learning that I have failed my children so excessively prior to these recent events in protecting them from the powers that be.

I am still here developing as much as I can without hindering my ability to assist my children in recovery with stability and trust. 

I'll be working to delegate more to try to ensure things keep moving along as previously planned, but there will be sporadic movement in development over the next couple months as I continue to deal with things.


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