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Short Story Community Competition!
IGN : Vexatyk , Genre: Fantasy/Dark

           It has been more then three years since the first PLAYER arrived on the planet Alpha. Nobody knew the distruction theese PLAYERS will bring and the devastating war they will start. At first they looked weak and inocent but there was something terrible inside them . On the fist day one of them stepped on a Dark Spider and then it all started. In the very same moment the spider died the PLAYER felt a new strange sensation , the sensation of power. He stepped on another spider and his power started to rise and rise and rise. Soon other PLAYERS started to do the same thing. They realised they can work better in parties and they grew every day more strong and greedy for power and riches. The planet responded to this new threat , stronger then usual bosses started to appear but nothing seemed to be able to stop the madness.
            The fury of the players soon raised to new levels as they realised that they can ascend to new forms and more improved battle technques. 
             This planet was already to small for them and then the invasion began. After research they found out there were another 9 planets in the system and the plague started to spread . A long and vicious war waged waste on all the planetsthat once were a peacefull paradise. 
             But what the PLAYERS din't know is that these creatures that gave their lives so they can get more power drew thier strenght from the core of the planet itself. They responded to the invasion and started to dig holes to get closer and closer to the core . The players called the holes Inferno holes and they began to descend in search of new enemies. Many went too deep and the strenght of what was in the Inferno hole crushed them and cast them out. 
              It was the begging of a new chapter in this war of the worlds. The Infernal war. 
              PLAYERS  turned to their GODS and asked for aid in this unholy quest and the darkest and most powerfull god responded . It was GRAY - the god of power and upgrades. But new powers didn't come cheap so they had to use their spoils of war and even bring sacrifices to achieve them . The PLAYERS started to be better organized and they created clans. Then the clans started to grow stronger as the PLAYERS started to construct new buildings that grew higher everyday. Now there were strong warriors that were able to go deep in the INFERNO holes and fight whatever was in there but some of them decided to become miners or foresters and help the clan with stone and wood. 
               Everythings seems lost for the 10 planets. Nothing can stop the PLAYERS in their quest for glory and power. There are rummors that they prepare for the arrival of the BEAST. But little they know that nothing in this universe is lost , everthings transforms and moves somewhere else, they never understood how this solar system fully works, they never saw the eleventh planet Lambda - the planet of the fallen where everything they killed so far gathers and prepares for a strike that the PLAYERS will never be able to withstand.
               OR WILL THEY???

Hope you read this before it's not to late.....
Category: Dark
Name: BashNSmash

     Two ents met in the bloodstained halls of the pet arena to do battle. One was a tall oak ent, proud and strong; while the other was a willow ent, flowing and shifty. The oak ent 

sprang across the field using his coiled roots to get the initiative and tie down this flighty fellow. But things went beyond the Oak ent's expectations, the willow ent readied its roots to 

receive him. The oak ent battered away at the willow ent, glad to have a straight up brawl, but such was not meant to be. The willow ent forced open the oak ents mouth and shoved an 

apple down it's gaping mouth. The oak ent felt a torrent of power flow through it as it felt its evolution being triggered. Its body wriggled as an incredible sight occured, it seemed to 

vanish into thin air. The willow ent swayed over to where the oak ent used to be and whalloped the ground flat in rage. The willow ent muttered to itself "Another failure, when will I ever

unlock the secret to evolving into the next stage".
IGN: Emanonevahi
Genre: Comedy (hopefully)

Title: Space cadet Anipa

It was the year MS95, space cadet Anipa was on a mission to learn about the soul orbs and the space cadets that went missing trying to complete the mission. Anipa's mission landed him on the planet Beta, a planet while not fully developed technologically, it was known for it's knowledge in the ways of magic. He found a village deep in the icy mountains, where an elder who was known as "a bear with a stench" lived. The elder told him a story of a cat that unlocked the secret of the orbs by using what seemed like fish, fish it caught with the legendary golden rod.

While he was telling the stories, he saw the looks of Anipa's determination and he decided that Anipa might be worth it, so he gave him the sealed golden rod. However when Anipa took the rod, it felt weird, it felt too light. Suddenly Anipa realized, the rod wasn't really golden, it was just a plain wooden rod . Anipa went on TILT like no space cadet ever did, he attacked the elder with such speed and strength that he knocked out the elder in one blow.

After he knocked out the elder, one of the villagers came and told him what the elder did to the village, he captured all the young ones and tried to brainwash them into space warriors that would fight for him using space cadets' space ships that he modified to war ships. After hearing that Anipa imprisoned the elder, forcing him to play match 3 games for all eternity, for the elder hated anything puzzle related. The village, as was their tradition, celebrated by making Anipa a cake every day and adding one more candle every day until the cake had 731 candles, which he was really happy about. But what about the orbs? It turns out they were giant jawbreakers.
IGN : purretao
Genre: Dark
Word count: 955

The Buzzing

        It all started when Marvin got his first Robobee. Of course, he had never seen a real living bee. All his life he had lived in a big city, never managed to go to one of the countryside bee preservation areas and all he knew about them was from his biology classes and the occasional documentary. Yet he found those almost extinct creatures pretty fascinating. So when in the online game he was playing one of his pets evolved into a mechanical bee, he had a blast.

        The image was small and not particularly special, but for Marvin it transcended beyond game mechanics and character progress. He enjoyed watching the little sprite on the screen, spending time after time marveling its details. The yellow and silver body, the translucent wings and the pronounced scary looking metallic stinger. Sometimes he imagined the virtual pet to be really angry at humans for managing to eradicate its real life sisters. Rising its tiny fists against the oppressors, burning hatred in its menacing look... And other days he just stared mesmerised at its animation on the screen, 'hitting' the virtual monster, helping its master's progress to another level...

        Some might find this weird obsession with a pet in an idle game unfathomable, but stranger things happen every day in gamers' lives. As for Marvin, the natural course of logic demanded him to get his second pet evolved to a Robobee as fast as he could. It didn't take him long to acquire a matching set of mecha-insects, his greatest pride and joy. Then he went to 'upgrade' them. Most players' strategy was to start feeding one of the pets only, leveling it until it eventually evolved into a new pet creature. Yet for Marvin it now seemed sinful to treat the bees differently. After all they were now a pair, a mini hive and all bees should be equal in a hive, or at least that was his inner logic. So he proceeded playing by rationing the pet food very carefully and strictly dividing between the pair.

        Eventually, he would have gotten to the point where both his Robobees would have reached max level and be ready to evolve in the game food chain. Would have he been willing to sacrifice his game progress in order to keep his virtual favorites? It's unclear how Marvin would have handled this paradox because the buzzing started. 
Maybe it had already been there for a while, just not loud enough for him to notice it. The first time he sensed it, he naturally thought a fly or something was in the room. But after careful inspection and walking around, looking at the ceiling, waving his arms, the room turned out empty of any other life form but him. Yet still, just near his left ear, barely audible, he kept hearing it - bzzz-zzt-bz-zzz. Trying to equalize pressure in his ear channels and thoroughly clearing both ears with cotton swabs didn't help either. Even worse, he started hearing the buzz in his right ear too.

        Looking back at the bees on the screen, he somehow started to hear it louder and more distinct. Bzz-zzt. Zz-zzzz! Bzzt? Bzzz-zzz!!! It all, surreal as it was, seemed to appear as if the Robobees were communicating with each other... and he was hearing their virtual chatter in his very real ears. What would two pets in an idle game buzz about? The impotency of their owner's attacks? The weather on this nicely drawn yet quite uninhabitable planet? Maybe they were plotting... Yes. Plotting to take control over Marvin's body and proceed to take back the world from the puny human race...

        At about that point, the puny human in question decided he probably had stayed a bit too long online for the day and decided a good night sleep would fix all of the buzzing bees nonsense. He logged off the game, a rare occurrence, and ever turned off the PC. The room felt in blissful silence. Reassured Marvin went to bed.

        And lunged up three hours later, awoken by the weirdest nightmare of thousands of mecha-bees swarming all over his body. The bedroom was completely dark and he just sat there in the tousled sweaty sheets trying to catch a breath. His heart was frantic, pounding in his chest, he was desperately gulping air, his skin was cold and clammy. Marvin sat there shivering in his bed, still feeling the tiny robotic insects crawling over him, their cold metal bodies, the sharp stingers... and he kept hearing their buzzing. Loud and clear and real. As if his whole head hummed with the angry BZZZ-ZZ-ZZ! The sound of millions vengeful ghost-bees raging in his ears, making the mad throb of his heart faster, louder...

        Marvin closed his eyes and desperately tried to calm down. After few long minutes he took a hold on his breathing. Long deep inhales and exhales... The world slowly settled and fell deadly silent. He opened his eyes, as if waking up for the second time. Darkness... cool and peacefully silent. He let out a soft chuckle. It was all freaky nightmare that almost gave him heart attack. His throat felt parched. He started to get up to to get a glass of water when he saw a faint shimmer coming from under the sheet. 

        The panic grabbed him back instantly. Yet he braved up and threw away the cloth. There, on his leg, just above the kneecap, was an eerie pinkish light, coming right under his skin. Tiny, about the size of a pea. He touched it with shaky fingers - lumpy, hard and... moving. That... thing was crawling under his skin, climbing up his leg... And softly buzzing. Marvin started screaming...

IGN: BuckraMega Category: Comedy

The Blubbering

A short short time from now in a galaxy not that far away a notorious villain, R. Flob Blubbard, distracted his world by coming up with a bunch of random, made-up nonsense and trying to pass it off as an actual religion.  The people of this world mostly ignored his crackpot inanities and watched cat videos instead.  This was exactly what Lord Blubbard wanted, however, as he was then free to carry out his master plan unopposed.  Duke Blubbard used the financial backing of the rich doofuses that actually believed his nonsense to build a secret army, invent a secret technology that made him immortal and invincible, and take over the world, forcing everyone to worship him.

This situation persisted for centuries and all attempts to oppose Baron Blubbard were crushed by the weight of his technological superiority.  One day, however, whispers of a way to defeat Emperor Blubbard started to circulate.  They said that the same technology that made him invincible could make him normal again.  But Prince Blubbard knew this and dismantled the technology and hid the parts on 10 different nearby planets and moons that were all infested with monsters.

After hearing these rumors, many heroes have risen to join the fight against King Blubbard.  These heroes have enlisted a variety of pets to assist them and have joined into parties and guilds to work together towards the goal of toppling Viscount Blubbard.  Legends say that super monsters live on each of these planets and will not reveal themselves until a suitably strong challenger presents themselves.  It is theorized that a level 1 billion hero will be sufficient to challenge the super monsters, retrieve the technology, and save the world from Supreme Leader Blubbard.

Are you the hero the world needs?  If not, maybe you are the one it deserves?  A short jaunt to level 1 billion and a battle with Czar Blubbard awaits you, brave warrior!
IGN: Junnu
- Fantasy / Lore

Ramblings of elderly.

I’m Oscar, a monster fighter, some see me as real head biter.
I crawl dark and scary dungeons and there are only two options, to perish or cope.

Many adventurers dreams sank and wench wish their demise. Nevertheless the sky is limit to me, if I’m clover enough.

I don’t disrespect rumours, make no fuzz and see truce as possibility. Nevertheless there are enemies that get no mercy. Sorcerine is my morbid enemy and gets dagger in her chest if she does not run, tail between her legs. Spells are her forte and she casts magic veils to adventurers eyes, so if you don’t have any spark of wits, stay away. 51

So if you see a might to not be messed with, say your preyers, because I’m going to Fokyou up shamelessly.
IGN: Senchingo
Category: Comical
Word Count: 499

Senchi in Wonderland

Chasing his dream to become the strongest of all heroes the universe has ever seen, he challenged every monster he could find and approached every adventure that could be taken - but his hunt should come to a sudden halt.
Senchi, as the adventurer trapped in a bears body was called, swung his sword towards a huge snake blocking his path, tripped, and fell into an endless dark hole...

Darkness surrounded him and when he woke up again, a sharp pain went through his body. "Ugh..." he mumbled, shaking his head trying to figure out what happened and where he was.
"Welcome to the Mystic Empire" a female voice said. All he could see was some shape of what he would have guessed was a duck.
"Uh... thanks? Where am i? Who are you? What is that *Empire*?" he asked, nervously scratching the back of his head.
He could see that there were many other creatures and felt his heart beating harder. Could there be children too?
"You are stuck with us now, we are the Empire, my name is Q" the duck replied - just for him to discover that it was not a duck but a platypus!
He could not believe his eyes, this was the weirdest looking thing he ever saw, and when a Ray of sunlight hit the cave, he started to get even more confused.
"Am i dead?" he asked, while checking out the other creatures that appeared in the background.
An oktopus with a monocle and a top hat, a tit, some weird pandas, a guy in speedos screaming at some other guy with an apple feeding a snake, a robot, a boxer wearing huge gloves, a talking jägermeister bottle, several cats, a pretzel with sunglasses, a troll and so many others.
He could not believe his eyes.
"No, you're alive. But... i have to tell you that..." the platypus stopped mid sentence.
"Listen, you're never gonna be able to leave this place again. And there are only adults in this world" the squid with the monocle finished the sentence.
"Noooooo!" the bear screamed in agony, not willing to accept his fate.
He doug through walls of stone, he cut down football field sized woods, he even used TNT here and there and found diamonds as a reward, but nothing helped him to escape the empire.

Nearly three years passed by and Sench became used to the fact that he will spend the rest of his life here.
He made friends, went on small challenges from time to time and even received his very own pet: A blue/purple haired panda called "S".
"You can keep it. Feed it from time to time and don't be too rough with it when you... play..." the broodmother said, handing him the fluffy thing.
"Thank you so much Q!" Senchi replied, with a big smile on his face.
He closed the front door, picked up the panda and carried it down to the basement.
"Bed time" he whispered.
Genre: Fantasy
Title: The Story of Planet Alpha
Words: 415

Many centuries ago a mysterious creature appeared and killed 99% of the worlds population. Only one Guild was able to escape the attack in a secret underground cave. Due to their hard living conditions the weakest people died fast so only the strongest were able to survive. After 300 years only 1000 people were alive but there was still no warrior strong enough to kill a Dark Spider alone. So the last hope of the human mankind was to let the strongest man and woman create and train the strongest warrior, the Alpha.

The Alpha turned out to be stronger than anyone expected. In the age of 12 he was already able to kill a Dark Spider alone. With 16 he killed 10 Ferocious Grizzlies at once and led his Guild out of the cave. When he turned 18 he decided to face the biggest knowing threat of the planet, the Forest Guardian. The Forest Guardian turned out to be stronger than he thought. He fought three days straight without resting until he got hit by a poisonous attack. Knowing he is about to die he took all his strength together and threw his sword as hard as possible and blacked out right after.

He woke up in the Guilds Fortress lying next to a Snake. His Father who watched the fight told him that his last attack made the Forest Guardian disappear. Instead of the Forest Guardian a big Snake appeared in his position. Although the Snake got closer it seemed to be friendly. It sucked the poison out of the Alphas blood system and therefore rescued him. After the Alpha heard the full story the Snake suddenly started to talk: "I was controlled and turned into the Forest Guardian by the Incubus. I owe you my life therefore I will spend the rest of my life with you. The Incubus controls all 10 planets of our solar system. In order to kill the Incubus you have to kill the strongest being on every planet first. He is channeling his power with those beings and will only be able to die until every single one of them dies first. If you want to have a peaceful life you have to kill him otherwise he might gain control of you and force you to kill your people yourself." The Alpha then ordered his people to build a Space Academy so he can pursue his fate to rescue the world with his new friend the Snake.
IGN: DankDonger
GenreBig Grinark

He walked toward the tall, dark, almost monstrous building looming at the top of the hill, the wind whipping his short, well kempt hair out, out of place. Sighing, he quickened his pace, not sure what he could expect of this foreboding place. Eventually he came to the door. Nothing was particularly out of place with the door, except for the knocker. It looked out of place, ancient even. He raised his had tentatively towards it, tracing his fingers around the edge. It was large, inexplicably large, and something about it was menacing. Its shape was round, but with an intricately designed clown leering down at him. The more he touched it, the more he felt uneasy about coming here, he thought about turning back, but then the door creaked its way open, giving way to the large interior room within. Something about it was calling him, goading him, into entering. Against his better judgement, he entered.
After what seemed like hours of walking down corridors filled with abandoned medical equipment, he came to a barred door. It was almost as though this was the place that was trying to get him to go there. With a few tentative steps he removed the blockades from the door. Opening the door with what he believed to be some kind of metal, he entered the room. It was ordinary, a normal hospital room, what was strange however, was the fact that unlike the rest of the facility this room was clean. Approaching the centre of the room he took in a 360-degree view, taking in all that he could, incredibly confused. He wandered over to the bed to find that it felt incredibly comfy, and was overcome with the incredible urge to lie down and rest, after all, he had been walking around for hours.
He awoke with a jolt, not in the room he fell asleep in, but a darker, colder place. The room had everything strewn about it, and he found that he had not fallen asleep on a bed, but a surgical table. He frantically tried to sit up, but found he could not. He was strapped down. He screamed, an almost inhuman scream that could wake the dead. In this case, they were already awake… A hand grasped his arm, speaking in some foreign tongue that he could not understand. The hand snaked its way up to his head, attaching some kind of headset, attached at the temples. He was shuddering now, he didn’t know what to do, so he continued to scream. Then it went black.
He walked towards, the tall, dark, almost monstrous building looming at the top of the hill. He had been here before, he realised, thousands of times before, but this time, he did not feel in control of his body, as it repeated his earlier movement towards the building.
Had he gone insane? Where was he?
All I know, is that I created this, his own personal hell shall we say. He is not the only one, oh no, he is one of many. One of the many down here. Down here, in Hell.

Let me know what you think lads
IGN: Jimralphy
Category: Dark
Word Count: 740

The Ice Queen Diary

Day 1: I am born, the new Queen on this world, to take the place of the last. Stories have been whispered throughout planet Beta that a new Queen has arrived.

Day 678: I like to think of myself as a just and benevolent ruler. Born to this position and bread for it. I have helped all to prosper and given a common goal to strive for. Exploration and expansion of my domain.

Day 1060: As I sit on my thrown and look out at my empire, I can’t help but look to the heavens to wonder what I will find once I finally step off this planet.
While Beta has been good to me and my many loyal subjects, I know there is more out there. Which is why I have my most competent Freakdwellers and Woblins on the task of building my armada. This planet has become too constricting for me.
Only days remain…

Day 1173: They have done surprisingly well. All my thruster, fuel, and hull upgrades have been carried out and now I must board my legions of troops. I don’t know what lays ahead, but I must be prepared.

Day 6384: Being awoken by the ships early entry alarm is a terrible way to start off on a new planet. I must make note to have someone change that.
Walking to the command center, I see that we are approaching planet Gamma. Readouts indicate the planets surface is habitable. I wonder what we might find here.

Day 6387: As the main hangars open, I can’t believe this planet is habitable, the smell. The smell is that of decay, it burns my nose and sets my nostrils on fire.
Although I see signs of life, large industrial looking compounds, we don’t detect any movement. Something must be here. Donning my royal battle garb and my trusty blade we venture forth. My large scale invasion forces have landed all around this world and are reporting the same scene. No one to welcome us or cower in fear. The same awful smell and empty industrial complexes.

Day 6391: Our first encounter with life and it looks to be a dog. My doctors insist on treating it for some form of Rabies. The poor creature looks to be starving, and is stumbling around as if drunk. We don’t know what to make of this but will do our best to treat it.

Day 6393: We have lost 5 of our medics now. The others don’t have an explanation. If the saliva from the beast gets on you, it will start to itch. If you go to sleep, you don’t wake up as yourself, but as a mindless drone. I must find out more. This power to control another is amazing. I fear I under estimated this planet. I shall take this creature in containment and study it.

Day 6418: Half of my armies are turned. I don’t know what has happened or what they have turned into. The smell that we first encountered on the planets surface is now lingering in the ships. The purification systems are having a hard time keeping up. We released all the creatures we captured and have taken to the skies. Suspected sick have been placed in quarantine.

Day 6421: I have now suffered many losses. Ships have crashed to the ground taking whole crews with them. We have taken to space again, my remaining crews being condensed down to fill ships to maximum working capacity. In such a short time, never having faced a single foe, I have been defeated. With less than half of what I started with, we travel home, through the empty nothingness. Trying to leave that frightful planet. At first sign of impairment my crew is on strict orders to jettison anybody suspected of what we are calling the Z-Virus. It spreads quickly and my medics are unable to figure a cure or cause. We fly alert. No sleeping on our return voyage.

Gamma Notes Received and Translated
Today, a new batch of living beings has set foot on my surface. It has been so long that I do not remember a time when there were consciousness’ outside of my own. I will be patient and lure them farther away from their perceived safety. My tendrils fly through the air and will soon find their way into their systems. I have need of much more….

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