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v0.97.75 - Dec 14, 2017
-ADD: New procedural weekly Bonus system. Each week will entail randomized bonuses after the Sunday midnight rollover.
-ADD: Beta Bingo! Yes it's finally here and it's 100% f2p! It will run every 4 hours on Saturday's and Sundays. Consider it an early release that we'll work on improving down the road.
-ADD: New Woodcutting Window & Graphics
-ADD: Woodcutting zone cap increased to 45 from 30
-ADD: New woodcutting upgrade 'Weakpoint'
-FIX: Offset on guild chat 'time' should now be corrected, as in, no longer 5 hours behind
-FIX: Resolved a major issue with the client assuming additional accumulation within trophies that was not actually occurring, causing discrepancies with trophy progress on the client.
-BALANCE: Use All now uses 'all' of your Woodcutting energy instead of simply clearing one tree
-BALANCE: Woodcutting damage will now carry once over to the next tree
-BALANCE: New bonus mining milestone added at 750 (instead of 500, then 1000)
-BALANCE: You now earn a new currency called 'Gold Logs', which is used to upgrade Woodcutting upgrades instead of wood. These are earned along side wood, but are not affected by your 'wood' bonuses. While high levels will take a while, this will allow players to invest their wood properly into mining depths without having to sacrifice it for upgrades.
-BALANCE: Gold Logs upgrade has been refunded and removed
-BALANCE: Woodcutting Upgrades have been improved for the long-run. Many will notice a fair increase in their woodcutting upgrades from before this patch.
-BALANCE: Woodcutting zone unlock cost revamped. There will be no refunds based on old costs for this as it should not affect players drastically.
-BALANCE: Mining depth cap raised to 750 from 500
-BALANCE: New players will now start with 50 AP instead of 5
-BALANCE: New players will now start with 250 diamonds instead of 100
-BALANCE: New players will now start with 25 pet food instead of 10
-BALANCE: The ability to purchase woodcutting upgrades or zones with AP as been removed
-VISUAL: Woodcutting Energy icon improved
-VISUAL: Added requirement to next zone in woodcutting (when applicable), along with the Upgrades button within the tree-cutting section.
-VISUAL: Added gold & gold logs into the woodcutting window
-VISUAL: New guild building teasers with release timelines!

Additional Notes

We are now pruning offline players from the matchmaking to reduce clutter for players looking for a party
We have significantly improved offline gains logging, reducing server load substantially
Offline gains is not working perfect for cards, as we are still working out some kinks with the issue, and haven't had as much time to. We'll look at it over the next week or so and try to make solid improvements for the next upcoming patch.
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