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Community Competition (Closed)
My first submission.
Here's mine! I'm proud of this dragon Smile

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final try srry so many trys
my second one his name is angry alien banana srry I got the other one in there too
#35[Image: hjlepq]submission #1
#2 a more angry version of #1

[Image: 0QXwXbU.jpg]
[Image: hjltje]                            submission #2 angry minnow
Here is my Entry, I made 2 Color variations:

[Image: SmoUsTw.png]

[Image: cCR15D1.png]

How I made it:

Good Luck to everyone!

Name: Birdy
So here's my first submission! It's basically a ghost-being that's wrapping around a sword. I call it excaliburite, but that's a horrible name. Anyways, without further ado, here is my project:

Hope you enjoy!
And for those of you who don't like links, I've attached this too. This image is actually 100x100, meaning you can directly put it into the game without having to adjust dimensions Smile

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Hi there! Level 821, member of Nubkillers. Not very active, so don't expect much from me.
In game name: Nudeli

First entry:                                                            Second entry is more of a concept:
[Image: Z6xkKfS.png] [Image: pjtwDzz.png]

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