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Community Competition (Closed)
First submission

Mr. Cheese


because being overpowered in games often is refered to, as being cheese

2nd submission

Vampy Smiley


Why shouldn't smiley be bloodthirty, or a vamp be smiling Big Grin


R.I.P Paint
Here's my first submission (Possibly the only one.) Smile

[Image: spiky_fractaly_cyclops_by_imminiman-dbvr8w2.png]

I call it - The Spiky Fractaly Cyclops.
You can change its name if you want to, ofc.
Also, I can make adjustments if need be, like smoothing out the yellow patch on the bottom, or whatever.

And here it is in-game (Without the watermark):
[Image: bvNp8uc.png]

Goodluck everyone  Smile
My submission entry... The mightiest beast in all of the sea:
No pandas here, sorry. 

   Beast mode

   Kitty Reaper/ KReaper

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Hey, here is my first attempt.

Meet Mr. Monkey. He is wearing a submarine suit, which is also a space suit. He is armed from head to toe! Its a drill btw Big Grin

[Image: 5MbX3Ad.png]
(12-05-2017, 09:46 AM)hooman Wrote:                                  

Srry it was only way I could figure out how to put it up . hope this counts Smile only 13 by the way not good with computers lol

Hej! Smile 

Your picture cant be opened by anyone, cause you didnt gave out a sharable link, but the one to the files location in your google drive.

If in question how to make the link shareable, you could also use this guide here
about how to display pictures in forum posts.
It's hard to choose two cause I have lots of ideas.
Here they are,
Gigabite and Rome
Both are original character for this competition only.
Gigabite is new, and Rome is a rework of my free drawing long time ago.
Hope you like them.

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Meet Dragging and Yorick


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