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Community Competition (Closed)
A stunner.

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Heres my submission for a pet skin - Mr. Platypants
My first submission is Dave, the Dangerous Donut. He snacks on New York Police Officers and makes you think twice about eating that glaced donut your stomach craves so bad.

Dave is an idiot.

[Image: iYxrqsKHRpyOqHRRTqfneQ.png]

And his friend CoolAte. He took the saying 'Ice in your veins' a wee tad too litteral.

[Image: agLXWwGGSOKjhMAEdJVhZQ.png]

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I like crab.
but , this is not crab.

my first attempt for a fiery pet and very first digital drawing. =^-^=

[Image: uc4qbCdsT8Gqy37Y1wHtkw.png]
My first submission, i present to you the m'ladybox
[Image: UhHPENIzTcC_oJpFweunJw.png]

My second is mobster mummy 
[Image: L1n-16ZUSPq360rq-hKW1Q.png]

ign emanonevahi
i present, eman aka lil tit pet

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if i knew how to mix cat with fire it would look better Tongue

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[Image: 0781dfe11a2a217.png?v=1512403591]

Pi Guy

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