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v0.97.50 - Nov 28, 2017
Global Warming Event Release & Changes
-ADD: 5 New Orbs!
-ADD: New Pack Window (Beta)
-ADD: New Subscription Pack
-ADD: New weekly and daily pack deals
-ADD: New AP & Crystal Packs
-FIX: Fixed bug that was preventing new players from opening the character window until level 2
-FIX: Fixed a bug that was preventing players from previewing Lineage properly until they claimed a daily pack
-FIX: Resolved misinformation problem with the Ascension Upgrade: 'Fishing Quality'. This is actually 'Fish Value'.
-FIX: Typos on Legendary Upgrades
-FIX: Issue where client was showing higher Support XP than was actually acquired
-FIX: Charged blow interaction with MultiAttack is fixed
-BALANCE: Mining depth capped at 500 temporarily. We're looking at woodcutting expansion and several other things. We just need a couple weeks to go over it all.
-BALANCE: There are now 3 stackable free ascension resets
-BALANCE: After you run out of free ascension resets, you can now continue to reset ascension upgrades for 5ap each
-BALANCE: Ship Arena DMG/HP upgrades caps reduced to 10 (You'll be auto refunded ascension points if above). There's a new orb that helps alleviate this change.
-BALANCE: Criticals & MultiAttacks now stack properly above 100%
-VISUAL: Added Orb Hover Tip descriptions
-VISUAL: Fish catches should now show individual fish value if more than 1 is caught, along with the total fish value from the catch

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