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v0.97.00 Patchnotes
v0.97.00 - Nov 1, 2017
Halloween Event Release
The Trophy Rehaul was a pretty big change on the backend for how stats and trophies are tracked. There may be some lingering bugs, and there's definitely room for balance improvements. We will be adding some new trophies, and new trophy upgrades over time to encourage a stronger focus with trophies for all players.
Some trophies do not have retro-active tracking and start from scratch for everyone. This is not a bug.

-ADD: Massive Trophy Rehaul. Trophies and their corresponding upgrades have been separated into 6 different categories now.
-ADD: Card drops have been added to offline gains. This is currently an experimental feature still undergoing review.
 -FIX: Small memory leak in the upgrade window resolved
 -FIX: Resolved a bug where selecting incorrect names would lock you out from the name select screen
 -FIX: +1 Stone Chance should now be working properly
 -BALANCE: Treasures no longer have more HP than regular mobs
 -BALANCE: Pet Training now has a retro-active recoup forgiveness of 12 hours
 -BALANCE: Dynamite no longer wastes damage points if damaging a low HP block and will now iterate 1 damage per block at a time
 -BALANCE: A base +10% fishing critical chance has been added, letting all players the opportunity to catch more than 1 fish at a time
 -BALANCE: Ship Hull's efficiency has been doubled, from 2% to 4% per level
 -BALANCE: Max INF TIER is now 10k, from 5k
 -VISUAL: Game version included into bottom of battle window

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