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New damage source
We got auto/idle, we got click, we got abilities, and we got pets.

How about eruh-eruh-eruh m-m-m-m-magic!  (Change the current mana to rage or something, abilities aren't magic!)

You set the amount of time magic damage is done -- the longer it's affecting the mob, the more overall damage it will do!  However, short bursts can be more effective for series challenges and basic mob farming.  Normal magic duration is from 5 to 10 seconds, maybe it could be a slider?  Or just have a player input the number of seconds and click OK to change it.  Whatever is easiest and most intuitive!  Damage is 100% for 5 seconds, and an extra +30% per second over 5.  So 10 seconds would be 250%.

New gold upgrade:  Magic damage.  Simple, just like auto and click damage you can upgrade this more as you level up!

New ascension upgrades:  Magic damage, again simple.  Caps at 25/50 or 100, to be decided!  Cost, to be decided!  Magic duration.  +1 to max possible magic duration, caps at either +10, +20, +25ish, give or take!

Gwaphics?!  A little bolt icon, or a fireball, or even make it customizable from a dropdown list of icons!  Yay!  It can vibrate or shimmer or be disabled in options to prevent lag.  Whatever!  Like auto damage, magic damage will always be 'on' but you'll have a little bit of room to change how it works.

This is just one 'spell' idea of course, there could be others depending on how complex people may want this system, but for now eh why not just keep it simple and let it expand naturally as other features are re-visited?  Also yay more passive damage!!  Oh, and new damage number color?!  maybe some kinda purpleish?  or greenish?  or...HOT CYAN?!

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