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Ever seen one of these?  [Image: 358d69494396ce4a6a04cc8386c2e5aa.png]

Well, let's imagine one for IOU.

Five traits of any good IOU player:

Piety -- Do you believe in the power of numbers?  Raising this increases Growth.  Experience gain, pearls, expedition points.
Leadership -- Without someone at the helm, disaster strikes.  Raising this increases Longevity.  Gold, pet food, wood, stone, fish.
Outgoingness -- Putting the first 'M' back in MMO.  Raising this increases Comfort.  Party boost, ability strength and timer, card drops.
Ferocity -- More power to defeat video games.  Raising this increases Strength.  All forms of DPS.
Mindfulness -- Clever girl!  Raising this increases Productivity.  Minor boost to all the things.  Every single one.  Yes, even that one!

To earn trait points,  you must <access denied>.  This is open to discussion, but basically more little boosts would be welcome since they'd be multiplicative with all the other boosts.  Hooray!  Plus, who doesn't like lookin at one of those funky graphs?  Yeah.

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