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Super Terrific Happy Hour!
Here's a fun one:

Once a day, for one hour, you get 100x gold/xp and 10x card drops for your party while fighting any boss mob!  During this hour, you can use abilities for longer as your stamina recovery and mana recovery will be tripled.

Also, for the duration, ability cooldowns will be reduced by 25%.

Your party leader, designated by party vote, gets to decide which hour to designate to this activity.  As an incentive and also a way to make things fair for people busy during the week:  You can store up to 7 hours worth of super terrific happy hours at a time, and the timer for the 8th hour will be running but invisible until you start using up those hours (kind of like how woodcutting/stone energy timers disappear but continue to run when energy is maxed).

Although clicking and abilities are certain to boost your overall gains they are not necessary to use and due to the fact the game is currently in a state of indifference (no offence wait actually yes offence) a lot of barely active or inactive players may find this entire concept of doing a thing actively rather absurd, but they can simply opt to turn the thing on and still participate even if they aren't actively clicking/using abilities.  It will still be a huge boost and require minimum effort!  It's just a little incentive to get people to TRY to be more active.

Why 100x?  Because any less and people start to marginalize the gains and think "eh why bother", I want people to be like "wow that's kind of a big deal" and actually participate actively, get people chatting, get tighter party formations going again, etc.  This is supposed to be a multiplayer experience, but if everyone is afk all the time you might as well call it a single player game.

The current exp trend is drastically geared towards players under level 1000 and this will actually help them to catch up to older players even faster than they are already able to, but at the same time this boost will also really help those of us gaining barely a level a day at best so it's win/win for all involved.  There is talk of an experience gain trend revamp in the future but that probably requires additional content post level 1k beyond legendary upgrades (those got stale fast huh?) so I think of this is a little treat to tide us over until more new stuff pops into existence.


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